Terms and Conditions

It is compulsory that every new team joining our leagues pay a minimum £25 deposit/joining fee before their first game. If your team fail to show up to a game or give less than 4 days' notice before the game the fee is lost and will require repaying before your next game.

The reasoning behind this is, through years of experience of running these leagues we have encountered teams who consistently fail to show up to their scheduled games or cancel last minute leaving their opponents on the pitch without any opposition. This is frustrating for both the Premier Fives league management team and the other teams in the league. The deposit system will diminish this situation from occurring in future and will maximise players' enjoyment of playing in our leagues.


By submitting my details to Premier Fives as a new player or as part of a team, I/ we give consent to participate in the Premier Fives, five-a-side football competition at my own risk. I/we hereby fully understand that I/we are responsible for any element of personal risk or death. I/we understand that any possessions are my/our responsibility. I/we recognise the physical risks associated with this event and declare that I/we are physically fit to compete safely in this event, and that I/we have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person.

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